A few too many overnight buses
Working remotely in the least convenient way possible.

Feb 23 - Mar 13, 2019 -- compiled by Jeff DePree
Somewhat overt bathing arrangement

Endless smoothie options for under a buck! Or you can pay a little extra and get a raw egg blended with dark beer.
I think the thing on the left is a kind of bean -- that or moldy liver.
Ready to spirit you away to fantastical realms.
Street corner sign -- probably a pretty effective deterrent

Saice (Tarijan breakfast for 7 bobs). Much better than the little nonsense croissants you get across the border.
Free vaccinations! If they're in stock.
Hopefully the tomatoes used for your pizza are less hirsute.

Would you prefer your wine served from a gas jug or a cow hoof?

I had no idea there were so many extant armadillo-like creatures.

Typical US imperialism
Initially, I was impressed by how accurately the baristas were spelling my name, but later I would learn they were really just reading the name off my card and throwing away the original cup.
Sundays are quiet in these parts.
Pureed pumpkin -- one of the few things you can order here that isn't a slab of meat (though it almost always comes with a side of meat).
"Executive suite" bus, with whiskey shots and a multi-course meal served at midnight.

For some reason, wine is often served in penguins here.

Krishna lunch

Inter-island ferry

Little brother Tyler and random dog waiting for next ferry to arrive.

One of the few reasons anyone ever goes to Paraguay.
Keep Christmas with you.
Arrived in the midst of an airborne invasion.

Acai is all the rage here
I inadvertently invited myself to this random family's lunch and they gave me this soup composed of milk and various fish pieces.
Creative playground construction

Disturbing war museum
Paraguay is an island of Miller loyalty within a continent that largely seems to know better.
Santa Cruz
Sucre Day 2
Mas Salta
First Day in BA
The Penguins
Krishna Lunch
El Tigre
Leaving the Delta
Before the Flights