Biking and Bussing Through Cambodia

Jan 22 - Mar 12, 2019 -- compiled by Jeff DePree
The impressive reach of Carolina bbq

No soup is complete without gelatinized chicken blood
Tuk-tuk showroom
Typical $1 meal

Fancy $2.50 curry with dragonfruit smoothie
Famous Mekong catfish
Ice cream on French bread
Mile-long Bamboo bridge
The hotel owner was very apologetic that all the $5 rooms were full and I had to pay $8 for the deluxe family room.

Solitary mango enjoying the view.

Interesting temple artwork
Floating village
Taking my bike across the Mekong
Clever engineering

$3 bike rental
Picnic at the lake

Each of these pots contains some hidden delight - you have to lift the lids to find out what is what.
Local movie theater

$5 bike rental

"Every room comes with a balcony"
Public school turned Khmer Rouge prison
When vegetarianism goes awry

The SC kids are big Pink Floyd fans
Dinner that bites back

Everyone still rides bikes here!
Typical bike load

Bamboo train
Rare white mini-buffalo
This beer had a coupon for a free beer under the tab!

I'm all for saving trees, but there's no way I'm wiping my butt with these limes.
Coconut milk dessert stand
$1 smoothies!
This guy's having a rough day

Church sans chairs
A bit like Bourbon Street
Ubiquitous ice cream roll stand

Efficient transport
The Beng Mealea temples have seen better days
Cambodia's Route 66 between Ta Prohm and Beng Melea

You might be able to get a choco-peanut-banana frappe in the States, but it probably wouldn't cost $1.50 and it definitely wouldn't include a sprinkling of peanuts.
Proofreading is always better with a craft flight at a brewery in a tropical paradise
I tried to donate blood when I came to SR 13 years ago and found the hospital hallways to be littered with street dogs and the walls covered with bloody surgical instruments. They've made a lot of headway on their marketing since.
Pretty common here
Cambodia's Phare circus
I started out my time in Siem Reap eating from sketchy buckets on the side of the road, but then I discovered that fancy restaurants were about the same price and promised fewer parasites.
Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: Phnom Penh
Day 3: Kampong Cham
Day 4: Onward to Kratie
Day 5: Biking to Sambor
Day 6: Ratanakiri
Day 7: Mondulkiri
Day 8:
Day 9: Back to the Capital
Day 10: Sustainable Cambodia in Pursat
Day 11:
Day 12: Bamboo Train
Day 13:
Day 15: Siem Reap
Day 16: A little ways south
Day 17: Beng Melea
Day 18: Phare Circus