Moldova and Transnistria
A lesser-known corner of Europe

Oct 29 - Nov 2, 2018 -- compiled by Jeff DePree

Flea market
Balti central market
Pigeon-rich central square
Pretty much every house and church in Moldova has an ornate well out front. This one depicts the Woman at the Well story.
$1.50 meal at university canteen
This tiny train station has departures for Moscow and St. Petersburg!
The Balti station
My $23 hotel room
The perils of ordering off a menu you can't read
The Soroca fortress
Begin Fortress Window series.
Ukraine just across the Dniester
Ridiculously over-the-top mansions on Gypsy Hill

These sorts of bus stops are pretty common in the ex-Soviet states.
Ukrainian restaurant and donkey cart
"Ya heart Tiraspol"
Monastery just south of Tiraspol
Tank and orthodox chapel
Some guy on a horse

Local nightclub
I appreciate their honesty with regards to the practice of "face control"
PSLs for $1.50!
Boxing game on public street
Church in Iasi
The rough road to Balti
Onward to Soroca
Crossing into Transnistria
Chisinau and Back to Iasi