Utila Diving
and 3+ smoothies a day

May 8 - 18, 2024 -- compiled by Jeff DePree

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this parrot was an exceptional climber
Flaming bean dip appetizer
local megafauna

Mama Rosa's was a daily baleada/smoothie stop.
This sign struck me as very Utila.
Swampy is a 30-year-old mangrove iguana and local celebrity
dining companion
I might do more mountaineering if I were promised coral and flying rays

Utila isn't the bargain it used to be, but might still hold the title of world's cheapest dive cert destination.

Driftwood sculpture beach
Atop the lighthouse
Maybe the strangest sign in town

I would come to regret this meal the second our dive boat hit the 4ft waves.
Our hostel offered free kayak rentals, but no one outside of our group took them up on it.
Someone did their part to combat the lionfish threat

Most places only sell Imperial and Salvavida, but a few offer craft brews from SPS's La 20.
Maxey's $5 bike had chain issues.
Memorable tree next to forgettable caves
Expat bar
Looking out from the Bat Cave

Tequila Tuesday is an island institution
Vegetarian version rather lacking without titular pile of beef
Skid Row, like many island haunts, was closed for the duration of the trip
Red snapper and breadfruit
Top of the island
Bat Cave
Swimming caves!
The 200-game library we never managed to use
An over-the-top explosion of fried chicken and gravy-soaked plantains

Early morning read before the ferry
Vibes are suprisingly common in Honduras
SPS airport lounge filet mignon
Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: Jungle River Adventures
Day 3: First Day on the Island
Day 4: Kayaking the Lagoons
Day 5: The Long Way Round
Day 6: The Canal
Day 7: Choppy Waters
Day 8: Bike Adventure
Day 9: Jade Seahorse
Day 10: Scooter Gang
Day 11: Escaping the Island