Playas and Piñas in Puerto Rico
Driving through the squiggles and eating all the ice cream we could find.

Nov 30 - Dec 11, 2023 -- compiled by Jeff DePree

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One of the more tame Christmas decorations seen on the streets of San Juan
Patron saint of crabs
Mofongo stuffed with veggies
Cod with mashed malanga

Enduring covid relics
Myriad modes of mojito

Much earthquake damage in Ponce
Sopleara Waterfall
Dancing with the locals

Birth of a New World - a 360ft statue that was rejected by 7 American cities before ending up in the middle of the Puerto Rican jungle
Veggie bus

Gotta try 'em all
Toasted Goat Coffee
Zoe communing with the local fauna
Gingerly crossing the fragile land bridge

Day 1: San Juan Wanderings
Day 2: To Ponce
Day 3: Sopleara Waterfall
Day 4: El Pasillo Frio
Day 5: Manatee Hot Tub
Day 6: Caliche Crag
Day 7: Survival Beach
Day 8: Cabo Rojo
Day 9: Yauco