Kalymnos Climbs
Climbing, scooting, playing with cats...

Oct 24 - Nov 7, 2023 -- compiled by Jeff DePree

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View from my desk
The cats own this island.

Album cover

The goat that ate our guidebook

Malfoy crushing
Matt stalking his prey

Pirate bar!

This goat is doomed.
Climbs like this reminded me that I hadn't stretched since high school track.

Mostly a climbing town

Most routes on the island have their name and grade written on the rock -- many have hand-painted rocks!

Day 1: Arrival
Day 2: Poets Main Wall
Day 3: Grande Grotta
Day 4: Panormos Trail
Day 5: Panorama and GrottA
Day 6: Circuit By Bike
Day 7: Telendos
Day 8: Halloween at Secret Garden
Day 9: Desert Canyon Hike
Day 10: Ghost Kitchen
Day 11: Sikati Cave
Day 12: Over the Mountains and Back Again
Day 13: Cave Soloing
Day 14: Spartacus
Day 15: Odyssey